Photos really dark on my pro and blurry

I have seen online about a dozen people saying that their photo engravings are starting to turn out really dark and blurry. Has anyone else came up with an idea of what it could be? It seems to have happened after the update. Here is an example of the same file laser. The blurry one is on the pro. The nicer 1 is and the basic.

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I have heard the same settings on the Basic do not have the same result as on the Pro. Is that possibly the problem? Or have you done this same engrave on the same machine before and witnessed a change?

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The Pro and Basic have different laser tubes. You will need to optimize the settings for each. I suspect the Pro is cutting deeper than the basic.
One good comparison is to run the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade and then compare the results. If you see one unit provides different results you may have an issue that needs investigated.


I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag!

When you noticed a difference in print results while engraving, were you utilizing manual settings on materials that are not Proofgrade, or default settings with Proofgrade material?

Does this behavior only occur when engraving photos, or are you noticing it with other engraves?

Once we can confirm these details, we’ll provide the next best steps.

If you are using variable power to create the image it will be more blurry, The range between nothing and black is very small, If you use Dithered Dots you will get a better result that would be even across powers and platforms.

This only started after the sofrware update. I’ve done hunderds of portraits and I haven’t had a problem. I still don’t have a problem on the nasic it is only the pro I am having a problem with.i have dont test on all different material. I do 1 on basic and 1 on pro. I’ve dont proof grade but that is not the issue. Once the software added all the new features this week there had been atleast 15 people in the glowforge fb group complaing about the same issue and they all seem to have the pro

I’ve done hundreded on both machines for the portraits I use the same settings and there isn’t really a difference at all

Correct. The 0-100 settings are intended to be the same for all models by design. Only the “FULL” setting differs.

I don’t know from your pic which one you think is “blurry” vs. “nicer”, however. The one on the right looks clearer to my eye.

The right is much nicer the left is even worse in person

Thank you for sending this information over. We have not recently released any updates that are associated with the settings, power, or engraving abilities of your Glowforge, so the software update is not likely connected to the behavior you’re seeing.

As @eflyguy pointed out, the 0-100 settings are the same for all models, but the “Full” setting does differ based on model.

I’d like to see if the same trouble occurs when utilizing Default settings and Proofgrade material. Would it be possible to test this on your Pro model? If not, please let us know, and we’ll send over the next best steps.

This was not done at full power and I have done proof grade and it is still not the same or even close. The basic is producing a crisper image. The pro is faded and too dark. I’ve done atleast 5 different image tests. Whats the next step? My machine still have 8 months on the warranty

I suggest taking a small section (say 2x2") of an image with a representative range of shading, a piece of PG material, and engraving it side-by-side on each machine, ensuring the settings are identical and not using FULL power. Include the settings in the post, and time/timezone of print so support can check the logs.

That’s the quickest way, in my opinion, to eliminate all other factors.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.