PI Fidget Spinner

I wanted to share my results from a “Free Laser Design” Customizable Fidget Spinner

This was done with two different pieces of acrylic. The bottom layer is 1/8" white on blue acrylic from Inventables with 1/8" clear Proofgrade :proofgrade: on top.


That looks really nice! I’ve been hesitant to buy multi-color acrylic because one small piece of Rowmark I tried gave me terrible results, but apparently I should not be extrapolating from a sample size of one.


Just had one of them I disagreed with.
Got several flavors and overall I say they are great. Scores and engraves really stand out.

But there is a blue marble looking one on gold. In theory (just looking at it) this should be awesome sauce, but it almost looks like it wants to flare (flashing flames). Nothing with a thin design element can be cut or it is has char.
Something to do with the multiple color scheme for the marble look I imagine. No matter, this one gets set aside until I want to use it for large image or text inlays.

So, back on topic…
Great looking spinner. I have been avoiding them. I have way too many bad habits already.

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Yep, turned out great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do mask the Inventables acrylic as both the cut and engrave leave considerable dust on the surface that takes a far amount of effort to clean off. With the masking tape (really wide transfer tape) I find it very easy to remove after the cut / engrave and the item is ready to use.

Great job on the spinner!