Customizable Fidget Spinner

I got a DXF from and then Glowforgified it and added the text. I like to print them in two layers, with the text on the underside of the front, clear part. Two makes of this are in the following posts. The first one has links to bearings and caps:


Download files:
Customizable Fidget (1.9 MB)

Included is the .svg for just making one, and the .ai file which contains a couple of hidden layers if you want to change the text.


Sweet! Thanks for sharing it! :grinning:

Don’t think I’d ever buy one of these … but … if I could make it on a Glowforge … color me there!

Thank you, Chris!


Thank you for the share.

Nice, thanks! Now for a file to make the bearings…

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thank you so much for sharing this design and helping me (via PM) with an older version of the AI file for CS6. I wanted to share what I made with your design.

This was done with two different pieces of acrylic. The bottom layer is 1/8" white on blue acrylic from Inventables with 1/8" clear Proofgrade :proofgrade: on top.

My son and I worked on this over the weekend and he really liked the way it came out. Thanks again for sharing your design.