Pi on Pie

I’ve always wondered what Pi on pie would look like, or even what it’d be like to engrave on a pie. We’ve experimented with different types of food related products but could it be done on a soft pie, and not a pie crust?

Well folks, the answer is yes!! Took some tweaking but showed up better than I expected on a custard pie.! (Those little flakes are nutmeg… just in case anyone was wondering :-))



Very cool

Very curious what was the print time? It looks freaking awesome btw :heart_eyes:

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Oh yum! You should be posting that on social media today with your referral link. :grinning:


It looks delicious!

I ended up doing 2 passes but it took about 45 minutes total.

consider it done :slight_smile:

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A first I thought it was wood debris from a previous cut. :joy:

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