Pic ghosting

Has anyone came across the picture not showing up on the left of the screen when you upload but shows up on the bed of the gf? Pic attached. This has happened with multiple files but with no consistency, if I close it and reopen it works, sometimes can take 2-3 tries and it will show up. I have tried to engrave when it wasn’t showing and it became distorted. Thoughts? Ideas?

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Sometime, I just move the picture to the right a little. There is about 1/2 inch on the left that you can’t print on. If you need to move the entire board just click on the hand and yo move the board where ever you want.

That’s doesn’t work., laser is ready to print. It is not showing the no artwork found at the top is shows ready.

Hello @swchevygrl

I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue and we’re working with you there. To avoid duplicate communication, I will close this thread and continue working with you over email.