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Hello everyone. Kind of a dum question here. It seem I can no longer see pictures that you are all posting in the forums. Im on a Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 I have used Safari on here before and thats what Im using now. I have had this problem on some other sites, and have had to switch over to Firefox to fix it. Thats what I’m having to do now with this site. Does anyone know why? Will I have to default to Firefox from now on to view everything on this site?


No such thing as a dumb question, and I’ve seen this before in Safari.

You might try following the troubleshooting steps suggested here:

You’ll need to use FF or Chrome, as the page depends on graphics

Also, Apple has a support page for this issue:


A very common reason for this is a corrupt image in the cache. I’ve had this happen a few times over the years, and life can get very miserable. Luckily trivial to fix (although once has to hammer it from the command line it was so corrupt).

First turn on the develop menu

Then delete the cache with it:

See if that fixes it (you won’t lose anything with this, just makes the browser reload the images from the server again)


Looks like this did the trick. Thanks

No problem, glad it worked. I’ve had an apple computer on my desk since 1979, so pretty much have run into every problem you can…


Wow. Must be an antique.


You are just too funny!

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Not so much funny as easily confused. Take most things literally and when logic or experience says something doesn’t make sense have to work it out. So then I just go with it.


I prefer to consider myself middle aged! :scream:

But no, not the same machine. Let’s see if I can remember the list in order:

Apple ][+ (with extra 16k card, making it 64k)
Mac SE30
Mac IIcx
Mac IIci
PowerMac 8100av
MacBook 170c
Power Computing 180e (Mac clone)
Several Mac G4’s
MacBook Pro G4
Mac Pro dual G5
MacBook Pro core2 duo
MacBook Pro 17"
Mac Pro dual quad core
iMac 27" i7
Mac Pro (trash can style)


MacOS 10.11.6 is the current release for El Capitan.
Sounds like you need to install a lot of updates (which include many critical bug fixes).