Picture not taken / Lid open Error

My GF is only 3 months old and it is the heart of my Etsy business (like many of you I imagine). I am dead in the water right now. First my GF was saying the Camera could not take a picture (error message) and then it just flipped over to lid open error, when my lid is clearly closed.

Yes, I followed ALL the great ideas on the help forum from the community aka cable checked, connections checked, magnets checked, no debris, etc etc. I wrote to GF support, nothing back yet.

Since this machine is new, I am expecting this to be covered by the warranty for a fix or a new machine.

This is costing my thousands of dollars sitting here :frowning_face:

If anyone thinks I missed something beyond the advice out there, let me know. If someone from GF is monitoring this please contact me for service please.

Glowforge staff do not monitor the forums. This area is for community support, and it sounds like you’ve done all you can. You’ll likely need to replace the black lid cable.

Email the pics of the cable to support, or call them.

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