Pictures engraving /etching

Who has done picture engraving/ etching
Id love to know how it cam out and your thoughts…

Welcome to the forum. There are literally hundreds of posts about this topic. Utilizing the search function will result in many results. Here is one to start with: How I Prepare Photos for Engraving Using Photoshop

Hi, welcome to the group! :slightly_smiling_face:

Lots and lots of people have done photo engraving on all kinds of materials from wood to acrylic to slate. You can see samples by searching for “Photo Engrav” and then just ask about the ones you like when you see one.

Hi, I’ve done exactly 1 photo engrave at default settings on PG Draftboard and it turned out great. Give it a try and start learning.
I did the engrave with the masking removed BTW for better detail. Downside is you get some smoke on it.

Trial and teal - no err…
love the look …
Thanks guys


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