Pictures of GF Units


So… has a picture showing more than one unit together been released or given? or did someone lock Dan in the basement while trying to get one?


@dan posted these. - Rich


I did see you wanted more than one unit together…hmmm - Rich


joke? is there a picture of TWO units in ONE picture?


those are all the Gs that were in the office on that day. @zfam seems to be wanting a single pic of more than one.

Which is in this thread, same as the one that @chrgeup posted above


Apparently…although I didn’t really mean to… :smirk: - Rich


sorry, the one I posted has four, not two.


can you provide a picture of one being mailed to me today via FedEx next day air?


Thanks you guys! I needed a laugh today… - Rich



Of course.
Mind you, weather may delay your shipment.


curious about the carts they are sitting upon, stable when operating unit?


hahahahaha :joy: :joy: :joy:


Here’s a reference to another thread that sounds like they are a reasonable option:

@terence is a staff member confirming what the carts in that photo are.


Sounds good… I and the rest who pre-ordered are on our way! We are taking the looooooooooooooooooong route so hopefully it will be ready when we arrive.


This is the link:



Which size will fit the Pro?


With the stated dimensions of the Glowforge of from the tech specs page of the website:

Glowforge exterior (Pro and Basic): 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″ (965mm x 527mm x 210mm)

You will have to go with the larger cart (H-3325). The way the units are sitting on the carts in the photo above, I’d say that one would be just about perfect.