Pictures of Glowforge users work area....SHARE, PLEASE!

I am wondering what everyone else’s Glowforge work area, or their set up looks like. For instance, what kind of table the Glowforge sits on? how big is the table? How tall is the table? What else is in the room with it? Or anything. Any advice. we are still waiting for mine to be delivered… but just wanting to kind of explore my options. As well as get any advice from people that are already motion. I have an office it is goin going in and there only thing in the room so far is electric outlets and a table and a stool. no matter the machine series you have, I would still Love to see what everyone has going on I am so excited to get responses. I hope I do!!!And thank you so much for your time and attention in advance! YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED!


First and foremost, welcome to our little abode.

I’ll try to get something up later as I haven’t in a while. In the meantime, this has been done several times and you might start exercising your search abilities.


This is an old topic. The problem now is that you can’t post any more on it so new users can’t add.

So it is good to ask all the new folks who haven’t posted to the older topics.


I have mine sitting on a metal horizontal filing cabinet, which is sitting on a board with 5 roller wheels screwed in so I can move it when I need to access the back. I’ll go dig up some pictures.

I like the metal because it’s heavy enough that the Forge doesn’t shift, plus the drawers are plenty big enough for proofgrade :slight_smile:


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