I keep seeing pictures of peoples Workshops/Workspaces dotted around the forum and thought it might be a good idea to have somewhere to put them all.
Back in December I put up some pictures of my new Studio/Workshop that him indoors is building for me.

It took him about 4 years to get to that stage and things really had bogged down as he works away most of the time. This year he decided not to go to work until it was done and things are flying along now.
He’s not the tidiest of builders though.


Another shot.


Last one…for now.


I love the amount of space he has :slight_smile: so jealous… [quote=“bridget, post:1, topic:2040”]
He’s not the tidiest of builders though.

Looks tidier than my workspace. I’m actually finally getting to the point The front 3/4’s of the home remodel I’m doing is about done, and I think I can get the rest in the next month. Anyway, before the sinking kitchen trusses were rebuilt and sub-floored over I may have taken a phone call and fallen straight through the floor. I’m not admitting to anything though :wink:


It’s not his space, it’s mine you hear me, all mine.:imp:


Hope you didn’t hurt yourself. Y’know theoretically.

as it should be :sunglasses:

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theoretically only my pride was hurt lol


oh, here is a picture of the workbench I just built

you can see the massive pile of junk I have to either recycle or take to the dump in the background


built out of 2x6’s. the 2x4’s are only there because I needed a lot of leverage to get the stupidly heavy thing upright onto it’s legs


Is the hole for a saw/router?
Liking the octa-leg thing.
The Octa-table?

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Yeah, the whole is for the table saw sitting on it in the picture. I have the hole cut so that I can set the saw in either direction (simple cuts, or ripping long boards). I got distracted with the house again (actually the table was the distraction) and I haven’t had a chance to build the lip/stand I was going to for the saw so it would sit perfectly flush with the table top
I liked the leg idea too, I had leftover 2x6, and it was easier than running and getting 4x4’s or 6x6’s
As a side note of the octa-leg design (loving the terminolagy) and the double 45 degree braces I was using to link and brace them (they are only at the base of the legs in the picture), you get some pretty effective shelving built right into the legs

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Octa-table with Quad-shelves!
Meh, I might have over played that one.

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LOL, you can never have too much fun with terminology

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Here is a pano of half my shop. Missing at the right edge is the scroll saw and the chop saw. In a different location is the 3D printer and the Les Nessman space for the Glowforge.

There is the Glowforge and the Printrbot Play area. :slight_smile:

Well, future location of the Glowforge. :wink:

And last but not least, one wall of my shop area where I wind guitar pickups.

Ain’t retirement great! ! !


I believe the term is, SWEEEEEEEET!

After thoroughly studying the specifications I found out the Glowforge won’t fit in my phone booth.


I envy you all of the windows. At my age, I never get to much light. That will be a fabulous work shop.:grin:


Oh, me likey! I ran out of likes for the day, but man do I like

Rustic, I like. Definitely looks West Virginian :wink: Perhaps if you ran the GF vertically?