Pictures without it being oncious its a picture

No idea if this is possible but when i engrave pictures you obviously get the edges and rest of the photo…any tios of aoftware to donit so literlaly all you engage is the subjext you want w.g. dog or child but not the bakcground or the actual edges of the photo erc

What you want is cropping software to remove backgrounds and isolate the subject. Photoshop will do this, but it’s expensive software. Gimp is free and will probably do it as well but may not have all the automatic features that Photoshop has. There are also a number of online cropping services. I did a quick Google search of “crop photo to remove background” and got a number of hits. This is the first one that popped up, but you should due your own due diligence if you have privacy concerns:


Great-thank you


I use Gimp for all raster work and raster to vector. If there was more vector tools I might not need Inkscape much. Other than that I don’t know what it might be missing but I haven’t missed it.


If you have a relatively recent and up to iphone or ipad you can tap and hold the subject in a photo and it will cut it out for you.


Ooh didnt know that…thank you

Ahh brilliant. Thank you

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