Pillow case engrave?

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Can you “engrave” on a pillow case ? If so, can I ask what settings?

Search the forum for fabric and canvas and denim for inspiration. I think your success will hinge on what they’re made of. If they’re synthetic I think it’s going to be tough to get a good result.


Cotton canvas as shown in your example pillowcase should engrave ok. Cotton turns a nice brown color when you engrave it. You’ll want to keep the power pretty low and the speed high, to avoid burning through the fabric. Thinner cotton fabrics will burn through easily but canvas (e.g. cotton duck) or denim work pretty well.

Dyed cotton will often turn white even at power level 1 (or close to 1).

Settings vary a lot depending on the exact fabric. What’s too low for one fabric may leave you with a charred hole in another fabric. You should probably buy a spare pillowcase to use for testing. And if the fabric is too thin you may find that it’s impossible to avoid charring.


Because of this:

You may want to consider a darker pillow case. Recently, someone tried a light fabric and didn’t get a lot of contrast, but you never know.

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