Has anyone tried to engrave on cotton?

Has anyone tried to engrave on cotton? I am trying to but it cuts through. ne tried to engrave on cotton? I am trying to but it cuts through. I have tried many different settings. Can anyone help?

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Do you mean cotton fabric? Like denim or lighter? Search the forum for fabric.


@MyDogsThinkImCrazy does an awful lot of textiles. She may jump in and drop some wisdom here.


There are quite a few posts about cotton if you search the forum, here’s a few to get started:


There is a lot to fabric then just what it’s made out of. What is the weight of the material? Are you using interfacing? Cotton in general washes out because it makes ash. There is a post I did with option on waterproofing it to help prevent it some. But polyester is what I mainly use for fabric engraving. These items were engraved with the glowforge and the photo was taken after it came out of the wash:

Here is a post with random settings for fabrics though:


Polyester melts and cotton (wool etc) burns, so slightly melted is melted together and pure natural fabric has no such thing holding it together so it will break if it is not already burned through.

I have cut very little fabric but even before Glowforge I would melt the edges of rope and fabric to keep things from unravelling.


That’s another good way of putting it. It melts it :blush:


Yes Cotton not as pot holders not denim.