Pilots Wings

I could not fly today due to high winds. So I thought to play with my GF Pro. I needed a new set of wings seeing that my RAF ones are getting tarnished. So a quick vector file and then a bit of time playing with settings and viola.

Unfortunately, the GF was running dead slow and kept calibrating and taking forever to scan the material and load the file. Otherwise I would have gotten more done. I’ll clean up the design then make a silicone mold so that I can do multi color castings for some of the club members.

Still, I’m quite pleased with what one can do on this machine. Now lets get the thing more stable and faster then all will be good.


Very nice! :grinning:

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What material is that? Looks great!

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Awesome design!! Please post the casted ones when you make them :sunglasses:

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its the grey 1/8" acrylic from Inventible’s. Really works nice.

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If you’re going to make a mold for castings remember to create a mirror of this for the mold :slight_smile:


Um, think that through again.

Very nice! I think it would also look great if you put some polyester gold film on wood or draftboard and engraved. It would give really nice contrast and a metallic sheen. Example here:

JamesD… If I mirror the wings will come out backwards. A silicone mold made with a dam will give me the exact part that I began with and will pressure cast perfectly. Thanks for the input though.

cynd… Unfortunately, films and such would not last in the desert sun. My intention, is to use multiple colored resins when building the part in the mold. Another method is to apply enamels to the deep parts like the jewelry in the old days. It works well. I used to make my own auto badges when I restored Italian sports cars for a hobby. Some Ferrari badges cost hundreds of dollars to purchase.

Very cool!

Flooding the recessed areas with acrylic weld solvent will help flatten down the engraving texture with less hand work, if that is something you’re aiming for.

I’ve used the GF to make acrylic masters for silicone casting too, and for small parts I just make the mold box on the GF as well, also from acrylic and just weld it all up into one piece.

That works for stamps but a silicone mold will make an exact copy. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. Attention deficit here - was working on a project on the GF and obviously did not think it all the way through :slightly_smiling_face: I had assumed he as going to directly engrave the silicone (not pull a mold from the engraving)like forme reason (you can engrave those silicone bracelets that were the rage for awhile).

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