Share some Aloha with some pineapples! Thank you marmak3261 for fixing my paths. :slight_smile:

You might need to scale up or down for the slot size depending on the material used. I am using ~ 1/8 in red oak plywood.

I made it score first with draft score, then cut. Using the amazing pegs to hold the board down so it doesn’t shift, then flip the pineapples into the opposite orientation (down to up pineapple) slot, then turn off cut and do a re-score of the other side.


4/30/21 updated version that is cut only, no flipping, looks different but I still like it, AND I hated flipping them. (8.9 KB)


Those are really cute! :grinning:

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Very cute! Thanks for the design.

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I really like those! Now I want Pineapple!!! :wink:

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Duct-tape sticky finger helps for the flip!


Those look great. Wish I was in your state enjoying the real thing! Thank you.

Hehe, thanks! Everyone loves em, can’t make them fast enough. I had made that music box and someone said, hey, can you make that pineapple bigger and just give me the pineapple, and I thought… yep! Keep pineapples in the fridge, they are ripe when picked, only get more sour with time. Everyone I know leaves em out for a week as decoration. That is great if you have a miracle berry bush, but mine hasn’t made fruit for 2 years.


Thank you!


Thank you! :slight_smile:

You know what this calls for don’t you? :smile:


Remember the reindeer from a few years ago? Well I made some for my neighbor, and a friend of hers asked If I could make them 12" tall? - “While you watch.”:sunglasses:


:rofl: ROFL. I can’t believe this is the first time I’m seeing this. And I never expected it to be from you :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure this gentleman will haunt my rem sleep.


What’s worse is, once you see it you find yourself muttering to yourself at odd times…“l hab a pen. I hab a apple…ugh! Apple-pen!” :smile:

(That originated with smcgathyfay. Her boy liked it…it’s from a kids show.)


I actually bookmarked this video when I first saw it on the forum a long time ago. Not sure why really…it’s so strangely bizarre and ludicrous. Well, that was the reason. Perfect time to use it in this thread. :smile:


I was lurking on your post about needing help on some issues with this design. I’m so glad to see you got it working! These are very fun, nice work!

Not sure what I find more frightening/disturbing … The fact that this guy made the video or that you knew about his video!



The original is actually better. Here’s a link to that one: :wink:

I’m trying to figure out if the mustache is just drawn in with an eyebrow pencil.
(I think it is.)

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what fun! My mom is going to get a couple of pineapples! Now if we could only “put a lime in a coconut and drink it all up” … ha ha those would be funny centerpieces. thanks for sharing … we have Tropical Fridays at work…which means if I make these…they would stack up out of the way in my desk until next summer…cool! Thanks for sharing. … I need some pink flamingos for my desk…oh man you have me thinking now…whole new way to decorate your desk…and store it.