Pins for my daughter's Bye Bye Chemo! Party

Last Sunday my 4-year-old daughter, Addie, finished 831 days of treatment for leukemia. I won’t get into all of the emotions that happen with all of this, but it did cause me to procrastinate deciding/making the items I wanted to give out to everyone that came to the party. :roll_eyes: I made them the day before the party (ugh LOL). :crazy_face: In hindsight, I should have at least given myself a few more days because I forgot to score and/or sand the back to prep for gluing on the pin, but the good news is they have held up so far with everyone I asked! :slightly_smiling_face: (The lessons remembered are those you learn the hard way, right? haha) I will remake some with the new and improved version to replace any that come apart.

The meaning of the design on the pin:`
  • Addie has Down syndrome. When we participated in our first of the local annual Down syndrome walk, our team name was Addie’s Avengers. When she was diagnosed with leukemia at age 2.5, it seemed like a perfect name to use. So the Avengers logo was part of the inspiration.
  • Part of the A forms a ribbon, which I painted gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness.
  • The chevrons are a symbol used by parents in the Down syndrome community.
  • I have other variations of the design/colors, and I’ll probably make other items later. I will be continuing to always advocate for my amazing girl and all of the other wonderful kids.

Her party theme was rainbows and unicorns and I also made the unicorn earrings :unicorn: in this pic of her.

I have a few upcoming projects for her, showing everything she has been through, most of which will involve the Glowforge. (Probably all of them except a photo book that I’ll likely order online.) Can’t wait to share them, but right now they are still floating around in my head. :smile:

This journey was extremely hard and I’m so excited to be where we are.


Addie is beautiful. :slight_smile: Congratulations on being done with the chemo!

Have you ever heard the song “Grace is Dancing?” Grace is the daughter of one of my former coworkers. She was born VERY prematurely, only weighed like one pound, and also has Downs. The doctors never expected her to make it, and when she did, they told her parents she would never walk or talk.

Her dad was at a Tyrone Wells concert with her when she was a couple of years old, and they got to go backstage and meet him. The next time he was in town (Portland, OR) he checked in with them to see how she was doing, and found out that not only was she walking, she was dancing.

I cry every time I listen to that stupid song. Or think about it. They went through SO much, but never gave up, and she’s growing into a lovely young lady who has blessed a whole lot of people. No doubt Addie has touched more than a few lives herself!


It’s a lovely pin celebrating an amazing story and beautiful little girl.


Beautiful daughter! Lovely pins and earrings. May you both enjoy the time not spent on chemo appointments from this day forward.


She must bring a great deal of joy to your lives. You can see it in her face. :slightly_smiling_face:
(And she has a mom who can make awesome cool unicorn earrings to boot.)


I will have to dig around to see if I’m familiar with her! I know so many people and have heard so many stories that I forget sometimes (my brain has been filled up with so much cancer info that it’s hard to remember other things LOL). I am thinking of a girl I have heard about but I can’t remember if her name is Grace. I’ll check!

Addie LOVES dancing, by the way! lol (I’m thinking of enrolling her in a dance class once we get her labs done next month and see that her body is recovering nicely, and cold/flu season is past.) I’ll have to search for this song! Maybe she’ll let me record her. lol (I have an amazing video of her dancing to Walk This Way when she was in a really hard part of chemo, the second time she lost her hair).

There are so many amazing stories out there. And the Down syndrome community is incredible! Having a child with Down syndrome has truly made my life better. (Which is why I keep working to educate and advocate!)

Edit: I use the word “amazing” a lot! :smiley:


@rebecca Thank you!!

@dklgood Thank you! (And, more time to GF! lol)

@Jules She does, it’s incredible. She’s the light of our family. She and my son are so close and he dotes on her. (Which makes me breathe a little easier thinking about later in life.) Her middle name is actually Joy! :smiley:


That’ s fantastic and an awesome way to commemorate you and your beautiful little girls journey.


What a wonderful moment to celebrate! and such a fun/unique way to do it. Congratulations!


Aww, Joy is my twin’s middle name as well! I love seeing all the “Joy” ornaments at Christmas, it makes me think of my sister!

I"m so happy for your family.


Congratulations!! Nice work on the pins!
That girl is rocking that extra chromosome! :heart_eyes:


Thank you all!!

@Blockhead and @neteeyore I think having a party helped her understand it’s over. (Well, as much as she can. How does a 4-year-old fully understand when it’s been part of over half their life? So wild.)

@marthajackson1970 Aww, that’s sweet - and we have a bunch of “Joy” ornaments, too! lol (And I’m sure now that we have the GF, there will be more… haha) ty!!

@PrintToLaser :heart_eyes: Yes, she sure is rockin’ it!
Changing the world one person at a time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Beautiful and congrats!!

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Good looking logo, beautiful daughter.

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She is just so cute! Congrats to you all on the end of chemo!

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This is so good I wish her best in life and hope more brightness in future.


Pins are terrific.

Healthy beautiful Daughter? PRICELESS.

I am so happy for you. A family member is at St. Jude right now. I am so glad she is done with Chemo. it is simply brutal.

(Side note, I work in a cancer center doing research)


Congratulations on end of Addie’s chemo!! I hope you’re able to celebrate all your newfound free time : )
The pins turned out great and I love all the different symbolism you were able to combine.
Wishing you all happiness and continued good health!

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Thanks so much everyone!

@ca_worth Thanks for all of your hard work doing research!

Keep being great and strong

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