Pirate box maps and coins

Continuing the discussion from Pirate Treasure Chest:

Expanded jules’ design for 5mm ply. Added a pirate skull (doesn’t it look cool with the smoke??) still have to add hardware.

Also made a map of neverland on leather. I tried it out on the furry and smooth sides. Still can’t decide which I like more.


And some coins on 1/8” maple ply.


Oh, that’s very cool - love the map, and coins! :grinning:


Great job! My grandson loves anything pirates … And this is on my to-do list.

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What cool additions to that great design!

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Nice work, I like the map that is with the chest in the first photo.

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Love the map! I need to make something like this, maybe the first use for a material I thought I was uninterested in.

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