Pitch Car expansions!


One of my favorite board games is a dexterity game called Pitch Car. You flick little wooden disks around a modular track made of wood. Today I made a ramp for my race track. Years ago someone put up dimensions of the connectors and some examples. This is the one I picked to try. Not my work but from Google to play ready was about 15 min including glue time. It amazes me how fast things can come together sometimes.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending January 28th, 2017

That’s spectacular! I had Pitch Car a while back but it just never made it to the table so I sold it off. That was one heavy box!


Whoa. Cool! Looks like a neat game. Gonna have to look that up!


I’m so excited to see what we will all be able to accomplish in the near future.


Awesome! Bet that adds a challenge to the game! :smiley:


Love the seamless design!


Also means I bring eye protection for the people playing :wink:


As my girl friend would say “it’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye. Then it’s just a game. Find the Eye.”


I too felt it was still just a game but now you couldn’t tell how far away it was. :slight_smile:


That’s phenomenal! Making PitchCar expansions has been near the top of the list for when my GF finally arrives. It comes out of the box every month or two, but the kids quickly lose interest because of the lack of track options. The official expansions are expensive and impossible to find.


I found the files for these on Boardgame Geek and it is easy to use them as a basis for your own expansions.


Very fun!


Has anyone played Carrom? Great game for 2 to 4 players. It’s like a cross between shove-a-penny and snooker/pool with the aim of sinking your disks in the corner pockets using the large white striker disk.

I have a board that comes out every summer when it’s warm outside. The board is too large to make on a GF, but perhaps could be made from four pieces.


I’ve not played Carrom but I have played quite a lot of Crokinole, which is somewhat similar.


I started building a crokinole board several years ago… the partially done boards are still in the garage.


I have our old family Carrom board from probably the 40’s…but I don’t recall ever playing it.


I’ve never heard of any of these games. They look great! Loved the project.


At first I thought that was

The “board” looked a lot like it - has anyone played this one?


I have a beautiful Carrom table that I’ve had for about 35 years. It has a pedestal underneath and a glass top, so makes a lovely coffee table. Unfortunately it is still in England. I don’t really know why I didn’t bring it to Malta! Regretting it now.

We used to play Carroms when I was a kid. My Aunt had one that she brought from India in the late 50s and we used to play on that. I’m of Anglo-Indian decent and it was really big in the Anglo-Indian community both in India and the UK.

Sometimes the game is known as Bombitaire and it was the precurser to Billiards, Snooker and Pool.

The GF would be great for making new sets of counters, as well as the hexagonal frame you set the counters up in - like the triangle you get in snooker and pool.


This looks great! I want to make one!