Planetary Gear Clock


Just completed my second project, a clock for a birthday so thought I’d share it with you.

The initial idea was to drive the ring very slowly with a motor, but the one I got was too loud and I ended up liking the tactile interaction with the piece to turn it manually.


The clock face is held in place by the three rods that go through bearings screwed onto the rear of the wood gears.


Wow! That’s just stunning! Did you create the design? :grinning::+1:


Wow, what a great design!


The imagery is based on the Isle of Man’s Treskele, the version on the pound notes specifically:

the latin can be rendered, “whichever way you throw me, I will stand”

Otherwise, the design of the gears, stand, etc., I did myself in Inkscape and Illustrator.


That’s awesome!


Stunning! Thank you for showing us all.


Happy cake day!!! This is a very awesome project! He will love it!


Great choice! Really like the translation too!


Have you tried throwing it?!


Just a fantastic piece–you should be very proud!


Love this! Thanks for the inspiration, I need to really graduate to moving parts and 3D stuff!


WOW oh WOW… very inspiring!


@asalamon WOW This has made my list of favorite things made with a GF! Can’t wait to see what else you make.

I just spent the last few hours starting my first kinetic sculpture. I’ve always worked from the artistic side, but never the mechanical side. I’ve just limping along trying to figure out bearings, gears and how to get it all to work. If you’d ever like to selling your stand/gear plan, I’d be very interested. (No pressure though.) Great stuff!


Mind blown. The manual turning has a charming appeal. Can’t wait for project #3!


Very nice. Came out great :slight_smile: I kind of want to put the numbers on the outer ring so I can adjust time to suit me at the moment (“Oh, look, I’m not late, I’ve still got time to get to that meeting” :wink:)


Amazing piece!


I’d like to delve into kinetic sculptures too - can’t wait to see how this one progresses (please show pictures!)


I’d be happy to provide the plans I used! I’ll try and shoot them your way!


So generous of you asalamon! I really appreciate it. :v:


In case it’s helpful to others, this was handy in experimenting with different teeth counts: