Plant stakes in clear acrylic



To test the acrylic material I decided to make some plant identification stakes for my herb garden. There’s a dozen in all. I think they turned out really sweet!


Oh gosh, I love these! What a cool design!


Some acrylics are treated to stand up well to UV. Others aren’t. I have no idea about Proofgrade acrylic.


Oh that’s an excellent idea! I should do something like this for my herb garden.


Very pretty! And I love the font choice for plants - the swirly bits look almost like they’re growing. :grinning:


I have just the friend who would love these!


If the acrylic degrade over time, you can make a new set in no time :grin:


These are so nice!


Wow! These are awesome!


What a great idea and design! I’ve never thought of this type of application before, but the acrylic is perfect!


Those are smart and good looking!


Totally love this. I will have to make a set for my wife in time for spring.


Way to spruce up your herb garden!


Attractive, clever and practical. A trifecta!