Plaque for my Alma Mater's State Jazz Band Championship

One of my first creative projects… My High School Alma Mater (North Side in Fort Wayne, Indiana) recently was named the Honor Band (1st Place) at the Indiana High School State Jazz championships. The director, Ed King, has been at the school for more than 43 years. While I was in marching band, there wasn’t much of a need for a tuba in the Jazz Band, and I wasn’t much of a jazz musician.

My younger brother was, and was part of this group many years ago. As another music educator, his band (Carroll High School, also in Fort Wayne) was ALSO in the Jazz finals, and has been for the past several years. He won the title several years back. Unfortunately for him, my Glowforge wasn’t in my possession then.

I thought that it would be a fun project to take this year’s logo and make Ed King, and the Wildsiders, a little customized “State Champion” (a.k.a Honor Band) plaque.

Materials: Midwest Products 1/8" x 6" x 12" Crafy Plywood
Height: 0.115 (using calipers)
Cut Settings: Speed 200, Power 100, passes: 2
Engrave Settings: Speed: 1000, Power: 75, LPI: 225, Focus: 0.115


Turned out great! He’s gonna love it! :grinning:


Looks really good, and brings back a lot of memories from my jazz ensemble days.

Neat logo, and it sure came out great!

I wish I could claim credit for the logo, but someone from the school / band designed that. I just took what they had, added the text at the very top and below (outside the circle), and hit the magic button!

And with the good luck I’ve been having with tiles, I decided to try and see what I could do with that pattern and a couple of different colors… Pretty happy with the result - now I just need to get it to Fort Wayne, IN by this coming Thursday for their annual final jazz concert.