Does anyone know if you can cut this material, Plas-tex, with a glowforge? I don’t see anywhere that shows what it is made of )other than recyled plastics). Thanks

The brochure says “100% recycled polyolefin plastic”
and Wiki says: Polyolefin - Wikipedia

Folks have cut polypropylene successfully, if not cleanly - but you’d want to do a MDS search on the other olefins to make sure none of them are chlorine based.

If that’s clear, I’d say you’ve got a bunch of testing ahead of you!



Polyolefins are hydrocarbons (nothing but hydrogen and carbon atoms) so they ought to be safe, as decomposition products would likely be water, carbon dioxide, and perhaps carbon monoxide. That’s assuming the brochure is correct about it being 100% polyolefin.

However, the most common polyolefins (polyethylene and polypropylene) tend to have rather melty edges when laser cut so I wouldn’t necessarily expect the best results.


You have the phone number on the side. You could give them a call for the MDS info.