Plaster of paris

Has anyone engraved using plaster of paris?

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Plaster of Paris has been mentioned and used in laser projects discussed here in the forum over the years. It is not a dangerous material to laser, but will it give you the results you desire is hard to tell. You may wish to do some tests - and be mindful of the dust produced. Search results for 'plaster of paris' - Glowforge Owners Forum


I strongly urge you to build a shield to protect the distribution board on the left side in front of coolant tank from the dust. Although PoP is generally considered pH neutral, it still can leave deposits and I have first-hand experience of metal encapsulated in it corroding, like you see steel rebar in concrete. I would be concerned about what that might possibly do to that board, but a simple cardboard shield would protect it from the dust as it is sucked over to that side and out the exhaust, and worth the small effort to fabricate.


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