Playing with fall


Just a quick post of an engrave on aspen leaf. Speed: 500; Power 20%

leaf was “fresh”. I really like the look. Might make interesting decorations for a dinner party … :slight_smile:


Very nice!


great idea!!


What is this “fall” you speak of? All the leaves around here are green. But I could cut some out paper.


In Florida there are no leafs like this but there are some palm leaves that are now in serious jeopardy.


Nice! Might be cute for names at Thanksgiving.


Here in Colorado, our seasons get very confused for some reason. We had record heat several days last month, and here you can see fall (which lasted about 5 minutes) closely followed by winter.

(not my photo, but it was taken this week.)


I picked up an old-timer hitch-hiking along the Peak To Peak towards Estes Park, and he told me “There’s only two seasons up here,
Winter, and August 15th”.


I was up on the top of Pike’s Peak a couple of years ago with my son on July 3.

We had a snowball fight :slight_smile: