Please bring back iPad app

Just noticed that the app is not available anymore. That is actually a big disappointment for an all iPad design workflow. Uploading designs from the browser doesn’t work on the iPad and is very cumbersome to start with. I am using the Copy to Glowforge Feature from my drawing apps all the time.
So please bring back the app.

Really? I’m not having any trouble doing it in Chrome on my iPad. But I’m pretty sure Safari works as well. What part of the process is not working for you? If you are having trouble with the “Upload” button, try giving it a quick double tap. You can then browse to the files area on your iPad to wherever you saved the file.

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I did not know about the double tap - thank you for that tip. Browsing the forum I found only the advice to use the app when people had the same issue with not discovering the double tap. But you still have to save it first instead of the direct copy you get using the app.

Thanks for the suggestion @cynd11! We saw that more iOS users were using their mobile browser than the iPhone beta app, so we decided to take it down for now. We appreciate your feedback and I will make sure the team gets it.