Please Help! Button turned ORANGE after print?

Not sure what an orange button means. Is it overheating? Just got done with my glowforge plus doing an engraving. I haven’t used the machine in a week. Ugh! Any input would be much appreciated! (I have the machine vented out the window as instructed). Its only 60 degrees outside and inside temp of the house says 65.

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Usually a temp warning will give an indicator in the web page.

The other very common reason is the ribbon cable connecting to the head being either damaged or loose.


ok. How do I check that? And since it has been running for 15 minutes I figure I should wait before touching any internal parts to avoid burning myself…lol

It’s just the little white cable that plugs into the head. Shut the machine off and you can see if it looks loose or anything. If it doesn’t, you can unplug the cable, look in the connector for any damage to the pins, if none - go ahead and plug it in until it clicks.

ok. Machine is off and unplugged. The white ribbon does not appear loose. Not sure which direction to pull on the ribbon to disconnect it?

There is a clip on top that has to be pressed down to remove it if it was inserted correctly. If the ribbon is loose, pulling gently on the black connector at the head towards the right will slide it out.

(And if it was loose and not clicked into place, that was likely your problem.)

Instructions are here:

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Thank you for the instructions. That helped immensely. Here is the photo of the pins you requested.

Those look good, the angle they are requesting is this one…

Just see if any of the pins look bent or broken. If not you can reconnect the ribbon, and make sure that it clicks all the way into place when you slide it in.


Very sorry I misunderstood which pins…

That’s okay, and those look unbent to me. Try reconnecting the white ribbon cable, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIBBON LOOPED CORRECTLY in the laser arm, and click the connector all the way in until you hear it click.

The ribbon needs to look like this when you place it in the laser arm.


You can drop the front door down and look at it to make sure it is not twisted.

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Yes I agree. No bent pins. I reconnected the ribbon and made sure it was not twisted. It all looks good, like the photo above. When I turned it back on the orange light was gone

Okay good, try a print and see if it’s working better now.

seems to be printing okay now. So, what exactly does the orange button indicator mean, in case it happens again? Hopefully, it won’t!

In your case, probably a loose connection on the white cable. You have to make sure it’s clicked in. (It can also mean a temperature sensor issue or the unit is overheating, so the first thing to check is the connection.)


it was fully clicked in when I set it up. I heard it click. I just wonder if it got too hot on the last engrave I did. It was 15 minutes long. Thanks for your help!

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If the room is too warm it might have been a pause to cool down. Which will correct itself if you just let it cool off after a long print.

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I am sorry you hit a snag! Thank you so much for the help, @Jules! Since you are back up and printing, I am going to close this thread now. If you have any other questions or run into any trouble, please start a new thread or email us at

Happy Printing!