Please Help! Glass top of my Glowforge Pro is coming off!

Please Help!! Has anyone dealt with the glass of the door coming off your Glowforge?? I went to open it yesterday and the whole corner of my glass came off the hinge!! My Glowforge still works but I can no longer open the top glass door!!
If you’ve had this issue what did you do to fix it??

I have had my Glowforge for 2 years now so I am not worried about voiding the warranty.

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Hello and welcome to the community. This has happened to other owners. If you do a search you will find some ideas and insights about how to repair the lid.


Here’s a link to a guide to gluing the lid back on and a discussion around the topic:


Yah, I’ve had to glue both the front handle back on as well as the glass top to the hinges in the back.

The last time, I went ahead and bought a 3rd party “hinge bracket” that wraps around the glass lid (giving it more surface area). So far it’s holding. You can see that video here:


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