Please help...going to lose my marbles!


Jan 22, 10:37 AM PST

Please please help! I am at my wits end!
I have contacted you before about my machine and now think their is something seriously wrong with it!

It is stuck between entering and scanning. The bed image won’t refresh so still has an image on it that was taken out days ago.
At my last resort and at great expense i have called in an engineer who has now placed my router right next to my Glowforge, set it to only transmit on 2.5GHZ. He has tested for any microwave interference and assures me there isn’t any in the area of the glowforge.
I have cleaned and wiped until it is so amazingly spotless…yes all the mirrors, all the lenses, the filter the inside and outside lid.
I have rebooted so many times that i know a complex wifi code off by heart.
I have taken materiel out, left material in, Checked clips, NOTHING NOTHING changes this…4 days of work i have lost so far! This machine is only a month old and is unreliable and an absolute nightmare.
I just expect to turn it on and be able to do a days work NOT be stressed out wondering if tomorrow will be the day it will work.
If this isn’t sorted I will be returning it under warranty.

Sorry you’re having trouble with your machine. I’m linking below to the most common issues that lead to centering/scanning issues. Since you think you’ve eliminated your WiFi as an issue, jump down to the next section. Post your answers here and then when a staff member gets here they can review what you’ve done and your logs from the background and hopefully get you an answer!

I know you are desperately frustrated, and as a fellow user I am sorry. Could you possibly try using your phone as a hot spot to by pass the home wifi?

Thank you,
Glowforge are sending me a new lid cable so I really hope that is the end of the problem when i get it… I am in the UK so going to have to down tool and wait for it to be shipped.

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Ah, if you’ve already spoken with support and they’re sending you a cable I’m going to move your thread to Everything Else so it doesn’t get closed (they have to find/verify/close duplicate requests in their system, and posting here automatically opens a request)

Fingers crossed the cable fixes it. Most folks are on their original cable with no issues, but others it’s an issue from day one - no idea if they have any idea why, but it is fixable, and you’re going to love your laser once it’s stable!

Thanks dklgood.
Unfortunately that didn’t work either.
Glowforge think it might be a lid cable problem so are sending me one.
Bit frightening that it is running into problems after 3 weeks fresh out of the box!

I had a romantic notion that i could get up in the mornings and make some stuff!

Thank you so much deidrebeth,
Yes they have just emailed me…Im from the UK so i get a bit impatient and have to remember the time difference!

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Bummer, but soon you will be able to get up and make stuff and I look forward to photos of the successful projects you complete once past this hurdle.

I have an idea since Harry and Meghan are looking to be financially independent, and will be flicking back and forth between the UK and North America, maybe they can shuttle GF parts with them?


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