Please help me with photo engrave edit

I’ve tried for weeks to edit this photo to engrave it on wood. I’ve had to merge the 3 ladies in the photo together from funeral brochures because 2 have passed away. I’ve tried a couple different editing photo programs and it just isn’t my forte. I’m no good at photoshop :frowning: feeling totally defeated. I just want to get this project done so that I can make things I’d like to make. I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

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Check out #9:

Welcome to the forum, wish it were on less frustrating terms.

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This may help to get you closer. The hardest part is that the brightness/contrast on the three images are fairly different from each other. I attempted to even them up. Also, if you’re not already doing so I recommend the 2 passes technique described here for engraving.


Thank you so much for the photo edit. I was able to complete what was asked of me. An enormous load has been lifted. Thank you again.

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