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Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone has every engraved on sunglasses I had someone reach out to me and ask if I could engrave a pair of sunglasses for her it would be the tail side of the frame I can’t seem to find any info or videos on it she would also like the microfiber packaging that would hold her glasses engraved with logo as well is this possible. Thank you so much!!!

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Most glasses are made of plastic so I would avoid that. But if they have wooden sides then that could work with standard wood settings


Even though the Glowforge can engrave some plastics, I wouldn’t recommend it with sunglasses. They’re most likely extruded plastic which does not engrave well at all.


If the client is open to other ideas, there are all kinds of super-thin materials which could be engraved, cut out, and then stuck on to the frame. You might even be able to find anodized aluminum metal plates in the right size, and that stuff engraves like a dream and looks really sharp. But I agree that directly engraving the frame itself is unlikely to produce good results.

If the client can send you some pieces to experiment on you could find out for sure. You’d need to know exactly what kind of plastic it was, though, to know if it was safe.


You might try playing with Glowforge’s newest material It will be tricky. You could put the design on an iron turned upside down and then the glasses touched to that and rocked. But much experimentation will be needed to put tiny pieces in place.

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I think the eco iron temps would melt most plastic sunglasses, package says 325 F.


Thank you everyone for your help I have decided to pass on this job I don’t feel safe exposing myself or family to the plastic of the sunnies they are not sure of what kind of plastic it is so I will not risk it.

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