Please tell me how to print my biz card

I hope posted in the right place, I want to make my paper biz card in wood, please tell me how.

You can either use the Trace function in the Glowforge software to create the image, or if you have a digital image of the business card (which most people use for printing) then you can get much better results.

The first method is easy, but might not get you the results that you want on something as small as a business card, the second method requires using external design software and there will be a bit of a learning curve if you are not familiar with the design software yet.

I’m going to point you towards some tutorials that are going to help you get started, but if you are already familiar with some kind of design software like Illustrator or Inkscape, just let us know what you want to use…there are “experts” here for most of the major design software.

First you will want to learn how to use the Glowforge interface…so reading through (and working through) the suggested examples are important steps for learning to use the machine:

Print a Gift of Good Measure.
Print a Snap-n-Store Box with Customization
Make a Gift Tag
Shortcut Keys
Working with Manual Settings

And the tutorial below expands on using the Trace function in the Glowforge:




Another easy way to get the image on your computer if you don’t have it, is by taking a pic with your phone and transferring it there. Just make sure that it’s a nice and level pic, otherwise things may be a little skewed. I’d still follow the advice given by Jules, because regardless, it’s good to know how to navigate the design software of your choice.

In the past when I’ve needed to copy a design from a photo, I’ve adjusted the image I took to the real world dimensions and went from there. Just “erase” any of the image that you don’t need, which, with business cards, shouldn’t be too difficult as it’s a rectangular shape. so using the default marquee tool in your software, so you should be able to select your card, then cut it from the picture.

I would definitely go with the digital file or a pic by phone or camera (touched up).

If there’s some feature one the card you can turn into a cut, so much the better :wink:

Wow this is a fantastic community. Thank you all for the great advice and lots of homework. Tomorrow I will begin trying all the different suggestions. I have one other question I’d like to throw out there, the gift of good measure. Is it possible to put my name in there and take out the glow Forge logo

On the little ruler? Unfortunately you can’t take the logo out, but you can add your own name underneath it really small. (You can add to it, but can’t take anything out.)

And the reason you can’t take out the logo is beacause it is enclosed within the perimeter of the ruler design. Anything inside another closed design is automatically grouped with it and can’t be selected separately. If the logo were outside the perimeter, you would be able to delete it.

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It would be very cool, if glowForge would sell it where we could all put our name in it.

Dave Eisler

Not likely to do that since it’s copyrighted. (There are some other cool rulers in the Free Files section though that are customizable…you might find something in there to suit you.) :slightly_smiling_face: