Please tell me these are not our Glowforges


Please tell me "NOT "


I’d say he handled that pretty well. Kudos to that truck driver.

Now there was a video from Baltimore a week or two ago with trucks flipping over the edge of I-95 and exploding. I saw a FedEx truck slide into the wall of fire in that one. Whoa man


Did that fed ex driver just drift a big rig?!

My personal favorite from Montreal a few weeks back:


I know! I walk away when the rear wheel of my shopping cart gets locked up! I wonder if they got an atta-boy or WTH when they got back to the hub?


Great, now there is another drop test packing requirement. (/saracasm)

Has Glowforge tested for delivery truck crashes with the shipping boxes and packaging? Will it require a $250,000 semi and some crash truck driver?


That driver is the bomb!


Truck drifting! Cool :sunglasses:


Mad props to him!!


Monthly insurance payment for a single truck is in the four-digit range. Almost all manufacturers redundantly insure their loads in addition to the carrier. It would cause a delay, for sure, but steps would be taken to prevent the financial catastrophe that a semi-load of 224+ forges could incur.

At some point in time, I’m sure all our Glowforges will be loaded onto a semi-truck on their way out. Thankfully big-rig accidents happen much less frequently than auto-accidents.


i believe that’s when you shut the road down! :smile:


Great driving right there by the FedEx guy. I don’t think his load was damaged at all. I have recently, shamefully, gotten hooked on Highway From Hell, a reality show about heavy-rescue tow truck drivers in Canada, which is essentially just semi crash after semi crash.

That Montreal vid is pretty (awfully) great, with the multiple camera angles… sure glad I was not there. All the drivers seemed to handle it better than quite a few of these folks in Oregon (I can’t look away)

and yet, I still miss living in the snow.


Ridge Racer at it’s finest.


Yep – Portland and Eugene get snow so rarely that when it does come, its a mess.


This is exactly why I haven’t left my house in Portland all week! I learned to drive in Minnesota, but people in the Pacific Northwest don’t have the driving skills or the road maintenance equipment to function in this weather.


Yup. It doesn’t matter whether you know how to drive in snow so much as whether the people around you know how. (Today was my day to finally put sand and sawdust on the driveway. Almost clipped the mailbox yesterday afternoon. Doesn’t help that it went from steady rain and 10 C to light snow and -5…)


Chains or Studded tires. The best way to cope with ice.
I also recomend caution and common sense.


We have one car with studs, the other 4wd. Some days the studs aren’t quite enough…


plus they aren’t always legal depending on your jurisdiction.

it’s funny, almost nobody here uses them and we get quite a bit of snow. (hurray for freak warm spells that melt my driveway, though!)


They should be legal anywhere there is weather. Saving bucks on roadways is a small price to pay for safety. ($50-60M/Year says a study in Oregon)

On ice, I’d rather have FWD with studs over 4WD/AWD without studs.

Full disclosure, they are legal here, I have a set, I haven’t put them on the MINI this season, Yet…


Once airless tires become a thing (if they do) it would probably be fairly easy to add retracting spikes/strips/studs for traction control.