Pls change my shipping address at least one time

Dear Glowforge Team,

pls change finally my shipping address. After asking for a change over one year ago you said you did it. After receiving a falls Golden E-MAIL message based on my wrong location (USA), i asked you again to switch it. Now i got a new message… and now i should contact the support, because the notification says, that my delivery address is not the same as i ordered… yeah thats true. I answered to an e-mail convervation with my shipping address already. But i do not know if you read this mails, because the ticket is old and probably closed. After not hearing from you for several days i try my luck here.

I am used to wait, but now you put the carrot right in front of my nose and dont give it to me… not the best customer support experience i ve so far to be honest.
Best wishes

I’m sorry for the late response to your email! I’ve followed up and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.