Plywood Material

Is it ok, to use plywood?

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Which machine do you have? Glowforge does not recommend medium plywood for the Aura.

Material Capability

Can safely print on any laser-compatible material, including the examples below. Glowforge recommends using Aura-compatible Proofgrade® materials for smart settings and perfect results. Proofgrade materials are specially sourced and lab-tested for creating prints safely at home.
Note: Most Proofgrade materials work beautifully with your Glowforge Aura, but we recommend against using Draftboard™, medium plywood, and clear, white, and blue acrylic. All other acrylic colors, and both Light and Thick plywoods, will work wonderfully. Learn more about laser-compatible materials here and see our collection of Aura-compatible Proofgrade materials here.


one problem with plywood is that there can be voids that are filled with “goop” that the laser won’t cut.


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