Pocket protector: Leather 🤓

Sometimes you need to organize your top pocket, and a pocket protector made out of leather, then stitched together with some leftover red string from Christmas does the trick. :nerd_face:

I didn’t love having the 3 cards separating in the car console, and my plastic sheath for the broslow ripped, so making one pocket protector to rule them all was the perfect answer.

I used @emilycarolinemiller1 's leather stitch holes

I used leather settings from searching the site as a guide, put a line on the leather and cut, cut, cut for a test. Super easy.

Measured to fit my Stafford brand shirt pocket, cards are very snug in this design, but if it was any wider, it wouldn’t fit in my pocket.

Download Pure Geekness:
leatherpocketprotector.svg.zip (3.7 KB)


Thanks once again for a practical file.

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Looks like problem solved!

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