Police Box Invitations

Greetings! This is my first official MoaG post, wee! :smiley:

I have two very geeky/artsy friends getting married in August (a dangerous combination when one has a GF, amirite?) with a Doctor Who themed wedding. They decided on the design of the invitation, and being in the wedding I reminded them that the GlowForge could help out with the itty-bitty-window cutting. Husband-to-be did the artwork and had it printed.

I alas don’t have my pew-pew settings. I’m taking way better project notes on my current project :stuck_out_tongue: I believe I used the settings from this post:
Plus we added a score line for the flaps, I think it was only at 25% power.
There was a bit of scorching (hence why we had to flip the cut so it would scorch the inside instead of the graphic) but was within the paramaters H-T-B was ok with :slight_smile:

The 1/4" difference definitely makes it a challenge to initially line it up; we used magnets to jig the paper in place once we got it where we liked it, but there was still very slight tweaking to do while lasering the 70(!) invitations, so if there’s better suggestions for next time I’m all ears :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s a great job on it! There’s another Dr. Who themed wedding coming up here soon, and a lot of fans…prepare to be swamped with questions. :smile:


Fantastic job and a great theme!


Looks great!

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Making notes and copying the fiance’ as well. I’ve been trying to watch for all types of projects for potential projects. I really like the invitation of course!

I wish that GF would get the pass through software finished for the Pro ---- I have a couple of very large projects I want to do for the wedding — and I really need that pass through working. Hint hint @dan pretty please!!