Pollyanna board game re-creation

Does anyone have any idea how I can re-create the old “Pollyanna” board game. I messed around with a “free” CAD program but the trial versions are terrible and CAD programs cost a fortune. Its such a fun game. Any help is welcomed, thanks

Looks like a job for a print shop, although they probably would have issues with a copyrighted design.

Have you tried Inkscape or other design software? Except for the characters, each quarter of the board is the same so you can just design one quarter and copy and rotate to make the rest. The individual characters can be added after the board is made. Depending on how big you want the board, you may even want to make each quarter a separate piece with tabs and assemble each time you want to play. Look at this for inspiration Custom Harry Potter Monopoly Game Set. The best advice is to start and if or when you get stuck, come back here. I guarantee someone will help you out.


Actually, board games from prior to 1933 are fair game, unless they have been mildly renovated. This game became something else entirely, so the Pollyanna version has no existing copyright.


Do you have the board itself or just picture? I tried straightening and cleaning up a photo online, it wasn’t clear enough. If you were able to scan the board, it would be much easier to get a good image to work from.

I gave myself 30 minutes, to see what I could do. The curved areas caught me up, the spaces are not the same size. I tried doing a rotational repeat, but that did not work.

It’s a start…


I had some time to kill so I gave it a shot. I didn’t put any text in because the small stuff was too blurry to see and I wasn’t sure of the font for the name.

Polyanna game board


Which software did you use?



What did you use to clean up the image? I have a pdf I want to change to just outline. Can it be done in Inkscape? I’m still trying to learn the ins and outs of Inkscape.

I used the bezier pen to trace a lot of it and recreated the rest to roughly the same dimensions.


The 1915 version.


Holy smokes!!! y’all are making this look easy… WOW!!! Thank you everyone for taking the time to help me out with this… It is going to make a bunch of firefighters very happy!!!


Amazing!! Thank you!!

Had some help from the Cuttle gang. Now more complete.

Maybe add @beerfaced wonderful illustrations.


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