Polyethylene gloves and CA glue

Who knew?


@martin.anderson knew, that’s who.

I sure didn’t.


This would have come in handy today as I tried gluing back a window sealing strip and then discovered I had no acetone in the house. Off to the store I went with sticky fingers. Even if I only use super glue twice a year, this would be worth the investment.


** plans to go downstairs and see what his gloves are made of later **


Sure enough, you are right. Thanks! Also bread bags—and the bag our daily newspaper comes in—is made from polyethylene. I just tested with some CA glue and it works as advertised! :sunglasses:


You probably have some of these in your house! :sunglasses:


I tried that UV setting liquid polymer. You can leave it in the dark and it will only sink in deeper, I then set it in the sun and get a rock hard finish, I have not had many occasions to use it but I think it might be cheaper than CA and certainly has a working time for as long as you need.


got a product name for the liquid polymer you have used?

that sounds like something my dad would like for his wood turning.

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This is what I got but looking about there may be better prices,

I keep it in a Quaker Oats container to keep the uv out.


thanks I will pass that along to my dad. he can research from there.

I recently bought some gloves like this for mixing ground beef. I can’t stand getting that stuff under my nails. Now I have what I need the next time I use CA glue. Thanks for the tip!


Indeed. I use these gloves all the time in the kitchen, otherwise I wash my hands so often they bleed. Fortunately a lifetime supply is $40. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F6Q64CQ


For what it’s worth, I don’t know of anything that truly sticks to PE. My dog kennels are made of sheets of HDPE and the company that built them is no longer in business. There is no glue or cement that will bond the sheets together. I had to buy a special (over priced too) welding gun to make any repairs so now I just build it all myself.


I had not thought of heat welding. there are a number of “soldering guns” sold that I think would get hot enough. that would make a terrific Kayak. :grin:
And there is Acme in Orlando that sells the scrap from folk building out of it but you literally have to be there as they will not even talk about it much less ship otherwise.

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I buy so much HDPE and now acrylic from my supplier that a lot of times now they will just call me to see if I want to pick some up for free. Recently they gave me 4- 5 foot x 10 inch pieces of 1" cast acrylic because the masking on it was getting old.


Good to know! I end up shaving my fingers with a shaver to remove the glue. It never seems to come off!


That’s some expensive dog housing.

I just let it wear off. I use accelerator so it is dry immediately.

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I used men’s shaving cream to unglue my fingers. Women’s shaving cream didn’t work.


Tell me about it. I have over $20k just in the plastic alone. But it truly is worth it. HDPE is like teflon, nothing sticks to it. That makes it easy to clean, but more importantly it makes it healthier for the dogs.

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