Polyhedral Pile Dice Tower

This is @dan’s serrated edge version of @jeffbowman’s dice tower design, with an all over “dice pile” design.

Went together quite snugly with light taps from a mallet and no glue.

Adding the overall polyhedral pattern was an adventure! I created the dice-pile pattern myself (after reminding myself how to make repeating patterns go in Illustrator and several hours of choice words, fiddling, and deduplicating mysteriously duplicated line segments), then got stuck trying to get it to play nicely with the Glowforge.

What I needed to do: copy the relevant shapes to a new layer, set them to stroke: none/fill: dice pattern, scale the pattern, then rasterize the layer.

What I tried to do first: basically everything else. Including some wonkiness with image trace of which we need not speak.

But in the end it worked out nicely! At this scale, it kinda looks like an abstract pattern at first glance. This is my first go with proofgrade materials (as until recently I was borrowing a glowforge rather than using my own). Very pleased with the results and the built-in settings.

Though: who discovered after printing that they were out of duct and gaff tape and ended up having to peel the paper off all those triangles by hand? Me. Whoops.


Wow that looks amazing! Very very nice!


Very cool!


Nice work! You have to love a project without glue.

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