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Hi everyone!
Just fed up trying to contact the support team. Our machine is a few months old and had some alignment issues. When we set bed image, its ok… Then I set focus and it “moves” again… But then when we press print … it moves again, cutting the wood on the “wrong” place. not by a little, but a lot!!! These is really frustrating, as it’s wasting wood, and it’s not working properly. Furthermore the same material the laser cutting cuts ok on the middle but when it get to the end (side of the wood) it doesn’t cut enough? How is that possible? Shouldn’t the power be equal, if I put it with those settings.

When we try to contact support, you can only do it by email / ticket and there’s no chat live support or phone support at all!!! How is this possible for a machine that costs so much money! :rage:

We are very disappointed.

Ok this is the order of things:
-Place your material in the machine making sure it is flat and not over 1/2" unless the crumb tray is out. If the crumb tray is out then the surface must be within 1/2" of the laser head;
-Use ‘Set Focus’ on your material. Do this before the next step every time;
-Place your image where you want it on the material; (This one confuses some new users who place their image then set focus. That will throw things off)
-Enter your settings and print.

If the machine is almost but not quite cutting through you have two options:
Reduce speed/increase power. Testing the material first before committing to the entire project is always a good idea.
Not cutting through could be an indication your optics require cleaning. Make sure you know where they all are. 5 lenses and 1 mirror.


Are you using Proofgrade materials? If those aren’t cutting through with the correct settings, GF will generally replace them.

If you’re using other materials, you should keep in mind that both real wood and plywood aren’t 100% consistent across a board. Wood grows with inconsistency, as does any other living thing. Plywood can have glue spots and voids that can impact cutting in certain areas. Moreover, both wood and plywood can warp with changes in humidity, meaning that they will not cut consistently across the board because the board isn’t all the same distance from the laser.

Get in the habit of pinning your materials down and checking to make sure they have cut through before removing the board. I jiggle the cutout a bit or use a weeding tool (like a dental pick) to lift the cutout. If it hasn’t cut through, do a faster second pass.


thank you so much for your comment. I think I have sorted it now. :smiley:

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