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First of all, I am sorry to have to post publicly about my issue. I have exhausted all other avenues.
I really need some help! I purchased my GF pro in July/August of 2021. In less than 30 days the problems started occurring. I have been told that I had approximately 1 ticketed issue per month since then. I am not mentioning the issues I have not reported. The current issue is that the laser will not fire at all. At times, the carriage plate makes a horrible noise and won’t move as well. I paid $5500 for my machine. The tool that should have brought me so much joy became a constant source of frustration. My business has suffered due to it. I have had unlimited stress instead of unlimited joy! I finally called tech support and spoke with Mike who was unable to help. I then asked to speak with a supervisor. I waited 1 to 2 days for a supervisor to contact me as none were available. Mike reported that he took my requests to his supervisor. Initially I was offered a refurbished machine. I told him that I did not want a used machine. I have seen many negative posts about those having more issues than the new ones. I pointed out that I have had problems which began before the initial 45 day return period and regularly thereafter so I asked about a refund. I was told that I would have to pay to ship it back to GF and a 10% restocking fee. I asked that this be waived for customer service. Zach stated he would speak with his boss. The verdict was an emphatic “no.” While considering all of my options, I inquired about an extended warranty, since a warranty to cover a refurbished machine would start from the date of original purchase.
I inquired about an extended warranty (and some financial assistance with the warranty). I was quoted $899 for 1 year and $2697 for a 3 year extended warranty. Again, it was an emphatic “no” about any financial assistance with the warranty. Here is my perspective as a business owner. If there is a product that has some defects (which were reported in a timely manner) and a customer is dissatisfied with the product, I would not penalize them for something that would be my responsibility as a manufacturer. There is much more I can say. Here are my two cents. GF has done a great job with marketing and branding. Unfortunately, from what I read in the forums and FB groups, the name is beginning to have a negative connotation with the professionals and hobbyists alike. I am extremely unsatisfied with my purchase and the options provided by Zach, technical support manager. What I would like is to be able to return my GF for a full refund (to include shipping), as it is not my fault that the machine was defective. I’m not asking for any reimbursement for the wasted materials. I certainly hope you can help! I hope to have a response as soon as possible. Thank you.

You have been in contact with Glowforge support, so I am not sure what help you feel is available from the forum. The company refund policy is clearly stated, and their replacement policies are fairly generous.


I understand that you’re frustrated and would prefer the most beneficial outcome for you however, to be frank, that doesn’t mean that you should get special treatment or discounts
outside of the bounds of their clearly stated policies.

Whether intentional or not it appears you are viewing your situation only through a negative bias.
Most of the negative points you’ve outlined are hearsay and have equally positive reports.

If you’ve actually looked at all refurb reports there are lots of positive ones.

There are also tons of glowing and neutral connotations (and FB is a cesspool of misinformation about GF, rife with downright dangerous and outlandishly false content.)

If you want a GF take the refurb, if you just want your money back accept take the modest restock fee.



Just a heads up that this is a public forum so I would not post your email address in multiple threads as it could easily be picked up by SPAM bots…


Like glowforge spam bots that delete and hide bad reviews?! :joy:

Not sure of the relevancy here, I was only trying to be helpful.


Not relevant, as Dave said…and perhaps because of the laughing emoticon you’re saying that tongue in cheek, since bad reviews don’t get closed.

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Sadly, on IG they do hide negative comments on their posts. I believe that is the issue being referring to.


Why is that relevant to GF?

Sorry, I will clarify, the GF IG sadly hides their own negative comments. Not IG doing it but the account holder, GF.

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Oh no, I’m so sorry for the continued frustrations @tinaharper.

It looks like we’ve been working with you on an email thread.

To simplify our communication, I’m going to close this post.