Pop-up cards



The artistry in these is fantastic. I do not condone copying these designs, but hopefully they are inspiring.



Wow. Those are well done. More than inspiring. May want to purchase some…


Whimsical was the word that immediately came to mind. Those are so well crafted and definitely inspiring.


Nice. I may have to get my brother the camping trip one when he completes the Appalachian Trail.


Those really are some amazing cards! I have always loved popup books. I especially love the pirate ship one. :skull_crossbones:
I will have to get a few of these. Thanks for sharing!


I believe I posted this in another topic about pop-up cards, but check this site for free templates and plans of some awesome cards:

Make the cut also makes a program (popup studio I beleive) to help design and cut your own.


Thank you for that! Those are some pretty cool free pop ups, and I’m sure you could customize them a bit.


This ones my favorite.

Reminds me of @jules and @JeremyNielsen


Oh I loveee that!! soo cute! Mumford likes it too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Awwwwwww! That’s a squeeeeeee! :smile:


Funny. It’s sold out. Jules & Jeremy got there already :grinning:


This has given me some awesome ideas, and they may justify ordering up a Cameo pre-GF!


You can get some great results with them :smile:


That is beyond awesome. Checking out Curios & Cameos now.

We have a mid-century home that we rent on AirBNB and I’d love to make thank you cards with a pop out of the house that we can send to guests!


Wow @jules, that is one of the best popup cards I’ve ever seen! I’ll love to browse through your paper gallery.


Thanks Cyn! :relaxed:
(That one isn’t my design…I just created the cutting file for it…and all we had back then was to redraw it manually. It takes a long time to fold it…almost a full hour of fairly intense concentration…it’s too easy to tear.)

My paper gallery consists of a large tupperware bin crammed full of stuff, stuck on a shelf. (It sits right next to the 3D printed things gallery.) :smile:


Yeah, if we only had the space, what a museum we could build, eh?


I pulled the trigger and just ordered a Curio. I’m excited to play!


Awesome! In addition to being a lot of fun, it’s going to be great training for designing for these things, so you’re getting ahead of the game. By the time the production units ship, you’ll know what you’re doing and can hit the ground running. :grinning:


I think the only reason I didn’t ever pull the trigger is the pay to play on the software side.