I am not your amazing how-did-she-do-that designer. Today one of the minions finished her fudgesicle and said, "hey mom, I bet we could put a drink in a glass and use this popsicle stick to make our own popsicle. In the freezer."
I responded, “Mmm hmmm.”
"So can we do it right now?"
Only if I get to laser something…


Looks pretty amazing to me! (And I love popsicles!) :grinning::+1:


I love seeing these traced designs!


This looks awesome! It would further fun to have my kids draw their own and make sure that popsicle theft is kept down to a tolerable count. Awesome idea.


Make a cardboard jig and engrave the sticks with cute sayings that are hidden under the ice. The melt will reveal the surprise.


Awww! I’m glad you didn’t try to laser engrave the popsicle, though. That would have been a mess. :slight_smile:


i’m sure we can figure this out. it’s basically like fried ice cream.


Sounds like a challenge :slight_smile:

But my freezer is only 0F and I think you’d want one that’s colder (my daughter’s ice cream shop keeps theirs at -20F). If they’re not hard enough they’d melt pretty quick but I would think really low power/high speed like paper engraves ought to work. Chocolate works at room temp after all.


yes, although chocolate doesn’t melt at room temperature.

i like this idea of engraving ice cream bars, though…


Maybe not your room temp. Some of the reports from AZ, NM, etc in the GF temp alerts threads are chocolate melting temperatures :slight_smile:


yes but there’s an obvious accepted room temp as used when describing safety / food / etc.

it’s not language’s fault these people are masochists!


Now, now…we have NO ROOM FOR NEGATIVITY! Ha!


Taking @marmak3261’s suggestion, I picked up some riddles from this discussion:

And placed them on my craft sticks.

I am having no luck attaching svg files. Somehow they get corrupted. So you can’t have them… you’ll have to make your own. If I can do it in 10 minutes, you can do it in 3 minutes.

Still, I’m going to go make some more popsicles.


That last picture looked like a full size room with giant Popsicles when I first looked at it.


I saw the exact same thing! Some sort of weird optical illusion??


Looks like a garage, that makes the trick :joy:


What a great idea!!!


i kind of want a giant popsicle, now.


That’s it exactly!


Glad I’m in good company…now open the garage door and let us in!!