Portable air filter has no airflow

My air filter has become pretty much non-functional. Even though I’ve not noticed any odor from the filter itself, it pulls zero airflow through, even on high. It’s so bad that on any cut the Glowforge completely fills with smoke within seconds.

I’ve gone through the air fan cleaning steps and removed all material/debris from the blades.

If I vent normally to the outside, it works fine. It’s only with the air filter I have this problem, and it’s barely been used. I couldn’t have done more than 15-20 hours with my filter, as I just recently got it.

The filter worked fine for a while, but is now quite useless. What now?

15-20 hours is pretty typical life on the air filter cartridge, especially if you are cutting wood. It’s probably time for a new cartridge from the shop.


Wow, really? That’s not a lot if you’re doing large projects that take 1+ hours.

Is there a way to visually tell how full the filter is?

Not really. The amount of suction and odors are the only two indicators. You can use a wind speed gauge if you want to see the airflow more accurately, but it can go from flowing fine to clogged in 20 minutes when cutting wood. I’ve gone through almost 3 full filters so far, and 15-25hrs is it’s limit when dealing with wood. More cutting uses the filter faster, as do certain woods like oak. After ~25hrs, even if the filter still has flow, the charcoal will start to be used up and you’ll get odors.

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Thanks for the help @samrcawley.

@charlie Thanks for your patience. What you’ve described sounds like a full filter cartridge. I’ve followed up with more information by email.