Portable stall signs

I have made numerous stall signs for the horse at the barn, but when the horses are off-site at a show they shows typically don’t have signs made up for the guest stalls. This is mostly a problem when something happens and you need to find the owner quickly. So the crew going to a show this weekend wanted signs (there are more but I didn’t have them around for the shot as they were already in the trailers). The person who asked for them wanted to use old barn wood (some recent repairs from some storm damage gave a lot of 1x6 (and some molding pieces too). So used some simple hookeyes, chute-cord and a “cold shut” from TractorSupply. The pieces have nice screw holes, chips, scrapes etc so look really weathered (and they are in fact). to use them you just hook them through the bars on the stall doors. I could have done the layout in the GFUI but instead did it in AI. Not bothering to share the design files, like I always do, since it’s a bunch of words and our barn logo…


Very nice practical cut on recycled material.

Love the weathered look (and it was ‘free’!). Very nice practical cut.

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Very nice. I take it you had to Rena’s them to get them thin enough?

Those look great! Very nice and practical.

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BTW: I found a water based “stain” that purports to activate the same weathering process as what occurs naturally. I will be testing it. Technically “you get the gray look in minutes” but not the way most people mean, 60 is a unit of minutes true…


Great idea! These look very nice.

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Great job! And I had never heard of a cold shut before, so I learned something today.

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Very nice that you could repurpose the wood. Always love practical cuts, but repurposing makes it even better.