Possible Black Ribbon Failure

Some strangeness is going on with my machine that lines up with the black ribbon cable issues, but can’t be entirely sure.

So, yes it is stuck on scanning for prolonged times, and occasionally centering, but the strange part is that turning the machine off and on fixes this. I did email support for a spare cable (but turnaround times on responses is what we’ve all come to expect). I’m just hoping that it either is the cable or it is not the cable, as in I don’t want to have the cable show up and it not be the problem, then wait days to weeks for back and forth with support to look into my logs only for them to determine that my machine needs to be sent in.

I’ve cleaned the contact points, re-set the cable, and it still has issues intermittently. Sometimes I can open the lid and close it a few times, but it’s getting worse where I can only open it once then have to restart the machine after one print.

Here’s what I’m looking for specifically:

  1. Support look into my logs to see if there is anything going on that shouldn’t be.
  2. The cables I requested through email still be sent, so that even if it isn’t the problem, it’s nice to have spare parts.
  3. Hopes and prayers be sent that my machine doesn’t need to be sent in :sweat_smile:

Update: It’s definitely gotten worse. I don’t even have to open the lid for it to hit a scanning loop. I can get it to print after a couple of restarts, but immediately after a print is done it will not update the bed image. Anyway, hope to hear something back sooner than later :+1:t4:

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Two of my favorite things!


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.