Possible fraud

I was interested in purchasing a GlowForge for my wife and in using the monthly financing option. I entered my credit card information to see my rate and either through a glitch in the ordering website or possible fraud on the part of GlowForge it auto-charged my credit card.

I immediately contacted support@glowforge.com and told them about the issue and asked them to cancel the order. I received an email from “Jeff” saying he would take care of the cancellation and follow-up with me shortly. The next email I received from them on the next day was a confirmation that the order had been sent with a tracking number! I have not heard back from glowforge for 48 hours now.

I immediately called FedEx and requested the packages (there are 3 parts to the delivery) be returned to sender. I also contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge and reported possible fraud.

I hope this post either prompts GlowForge to fix this glitch in the ordering process or makes them think twice about whatever fraudulent scheme they are executing.

I am quite certain they are not a fraudulent operation. somebody will see that and sort out what the glitch was and get it taken care of.

I hope you’re right, and I plan to update this thread with any positive outcomes that result from their timely remediation of the issue.

Why do you not want the Glowforge?

I can’t afford it.

Possible fraud? Probable misunderstanding. Support will square you away.


Also the issue is really, I never actually purchased this. Somehow their website “auto-clicked” after I entered my credit card information. My mistake perhaps for going this far. However in my 25+ years as a user of credit card transactions on the internet I’ve only experienced an issue with this one other time and it was indeed a case of fraud.

Yikes! You’d better plan on giving them some time. They don’t own the ordering system, I’m pretty sure they lease it, so a different company is in charge of errors in it, and this is going to be an unholy mess to unravel, since the notification of shipping comes direct from the manufacturer. If you caught a bug in the process, you might actually receive a Glowforge before they get it straightened out.

They will eventually straighten it out, and return your money though. Good luck.


Thanks for the heads up. Since I already flagged it with FedEx to return to sender, at least getting the merchandise back to them should be taken care of.

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Yep, that might save some time if FedEx follows through.


Well maybe some day in the future!

I have barely gotten to use mine in the scheme of things, and I just love it.

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Never ascribe malice to something easily explained by incompetence. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lots more of the latter in the world than the former.

Especially when dealing with a very visible company that has already shipped tens of thousands of these units. Although it is ever so remotely possible that they (or their ordering software) targeted you to bring an extra thousand dollars of profit to the company coffers, that probability is vanishingly low.

I’d look for a competency challenge as the likely cause.



I’m sorry for the trouble. We’re looking into this now and will reach out shortly with more information.

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Thanks for requesting the shipment be returned to sender, we’ve done that as well on our end. Once we confirm the shipment is on its way back to us, we’ll issue a full refund for your shipment.

I’m following up separately with additional details specific to your account and refund. I’ll leave this thread open until we’ve resolved the problem and issued your refund.


Thinking of all the folk who placed their order and waited months or years that you had it shipped so fast as to cause the opposite problem :crazy_face:


Thanks for your patience. We just confirmed this shipment is being returned to us. I’m going to close this thread and follow up in an email with additional details.

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