Possible solution to alignment issues

I’m really getting frustrated with the product. I bought it thinking that I will be able to drag-and-drop the images I want onto multiple irregular shaped objects. Wood discs cut from a tree to be exact. The more I could do it once the better because I can work on other things instead of spending time swapping out wood discs.

My proposed solution is to take the autofocusing light and take images of where The Red Dot Falls. Possibly by finger taps on the screen or mouse clicks. (I don’t know if the glowforge could take multiple live images or stream multiple live images.) You Center the autofocus Red Dot on the center of your pieces and hit a button to mark that spot while you are you looking at where the autofocus dot Is through the lid .

When you drag and drop your designs into the interface you will see where the red dots are overlayed on the image to exactly Center the pieces. The designs will snap to the center of each And you will get perfectly centered Engravings each time with no additional Hardware change.


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I am so sorry that you are underwhelmed with your :glowforge: unit. Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like you are attempting to align an image on your material and it is printing off from were you place it in the GFUI?

You’re describing a similar method to that used with Snapmarks, currently in Beta testing.
Once the Snapmarks are released for public consumption, you’ll be able to use fiducial markers to do perfect placement. (And since the next question is likely to be “When will they be available to everyone?”…the answer is…We don’t know yet. They’re still being tested.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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And incase you were wondering what a fiducial marker is:

A fiducial marker or fiducial is an object placed in the field of view of an imaging system which appears in the image produced, for use as a point of reference or a measure.

Um…I’m betting that Jules already knows what a fiducial marker is…:wink:


Chuckle! I think he just clicked on the most current link…I do it all the time. :smile:

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The Snapmark post is available here:

What you’re describing is a little different. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.

There are many tutorials in our Tips and Tricks section of our community forum: Glowforge Tips and Tricks - Glowforge Owners Forum . You may find this community post with a procedure to setup a jig a useful place to start: