Possible to make passthrough slot bigger on one side?

I pre-ordered the Pro primarily because the passthrough slot could be used “to make furniture,” as Dan said in a demo video. I was pretty disappointed to learn that it’s only capable of accommodating 1/4" material, as 95% of the furniture parts I wanted to laser cut are 3/4".

As I understand it, this is primarily because there are electronics in the back that limit the height.

I was wondering about whether the front flap could accommodate larger material, without “passing through” all the way. This would make it 1000x more useful for me: as I could stick in each of a long apron, or even the wall of a bookshelf, not to mention personailizing stuff like larger cutting boards, which don’t need full pass through.

Are there any specs on the height of the front door? Or the ease of modifying it?

I did see Dan mention to someone in another thread that it is possible to open the whole front door, and bypass the safety cutoff switches with magnets, with the caveat that you are then needing to take additional steps to safeguard yourself.

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Thanks for the info. That would be perfect for me, and the difference between getting the basic or the pro.

I’ll email glowforge to try to get confirmation.

Assume you mean engraving or etching 3/4" wood. The GF laser power and focus will not cut anything close to that thickness. 1/4" with one pass, and maybe 1/2 inch by cutting on both sides if the registration S/W gets ironed out.

Yeah, sorry, I guess I didn’t specify, but I mean engraving or etching 1/4" max, not cutting through a 3/4" piece.

There are no electronics in the front or back; everything’s on the sides to allow the passthrough.

It is physically possible to open the door in front and put in something thick. Since this requires overriding the safety interlocks, we can’t recommend. The back is solid, so that isn’t an option.


Door closed, laser glasses on, yeah, this is good news.